País Brazilian Aeroplane

"Maamme" - Brazilian Bossa Jazz of the Finnish National Anthem, Brazilian language by Brazilian Aeroplane

Eduardo & BA, in Pixel program (YLE/FST) 12/2010 Bo Kaspers Orkester, Eduardo guest singing "No fundo do copo" (I botten på glaset)

For us, symmetry means a mixing and matching, a balancing of (often very different) parts across regions, languages and cultures. To understand symmetry is to involve oneself in an emotional complicity with it, to see the pattern and comprehend its bringing together of elements. As here, where the cryptically-crafted songs of the Swedish megastar Bo Sundström and his band, Bo Kaspers Orkester, are dissolved by the mercury of sympathy and love and reconstituted in a Brazilian milieu: Edu’s lyrics keeping faith with the experience of Bo Sundström’s lyrics and Toninho’s arrangements giving them a new environment in which to flourish. But although Brazilian Aeroplane is a band devoted to bridging cultural differences, the simetria we seek is something which can only be completed with the aid of the sympathetic ear and mindset of the listener. If, then, through the joy of reliving the music of Bo Kaspers Orkester, these settings help to melt down old binaries and stereotypes or position that listener in a new place, then the album will have done its job.